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Are you ready for more? More vitality and health, more abundance, more extraordinary relationships, more connection…more of whatever is calling you.  Together we will use creations codes to uplift your life and help humanity.



Are you living in a situation that feels like there is no way out? Does your body hurt? Your family legacy could be what’s been holding your back. Painful family dynamics could be blocking  you from amazing creativity and success. You may be experiencing such emotions as hurt,  loneliness, anger, fear, and anxiety leaving you feeling disconnected and disempowered. You  may be consciously or unconsciously re-living the pain of generational family trauma which may  include addiction, narcissism and abuse. Painful family dynamics can keep you stuck unable to  flourish even if you are no longer communicating with your family; a fact which may leave you  frustrated and in self-doubt. Conversely, if you are very successful and creative, that may also  be blocking you from experiencing healthy family dynamics. Pushing our feelings aside while  attempting to appear happy, attractive, and ahead of the game, this bound-up energy can  result in pain. This happened to me. Just when life seemed perfect, my body fell apart riddled in  agony as it could no longer support the way I was living. I was unable to move my neck and left arm, the result of holding in stress for years. This turned out to be a blessing because from that  place I was able to reorganize my nervous system and my life. Being the daughter of Holocaust  survivors, I have overcome physical and emotional abuse that echo’s the traumas of my  ancestor’s! I began journaling because I wanted to escape the discomfort and use my creativity  while beginning an adventure of lifelong learning. This resulted in a visionary award-winning  book called Beverly Hills Concentration Camp; a healing journey and memoir in which I was the victim, villain, and hero of my own story. I healed myself without surgery, became pain-free,  and went way beyond my own expectations as I became a healer myself.  


Past energies affect us today through Epigenetics and I will show you how to positively  transform your experience of these energies with AlchemE. You can have it all — you can  experience amazing creativity and success AND have healthy family relationships! When I was  first introduced to AlchemE, “the ecological use of energy and information to create  extraordinary,” I was so excited to move up to this next powerful level of growth that was on  the leading edge. Using AlchemE tools, I experienced joy without pain, freedom without guilt  and success without failure. The new possibilities were life changing. Using my powerful  connection to the field, I will guide and teach you about your own energetics. You will claim  more in your life as you separate emotional triggers, feel more empowered, and create new  perspectives. You will learn how to invite unbound energy into your system to stay healthy and  vital as you connect to nature, mother earth and the universe. Experience what it’s like to call  on the energies of higher dimensions to gain the bandwidth necessary to create the future you  desire. You will use Breathing techniques that will move you through each energy state as you  are effortlessly pulled toward your amazing life. In addition, in my practice, I include Shamanic  Healings, home and business clearings, Pranayama Breathwork and Human Design using a  variety of multi-cultural natural tools, methods, and ceremonies, each 

implemented in their authentic nature. Healing, guiding and helping others is my goal and my  passion.  


I see you as free and I feel your essence, greatness, and power as you achieve beyond your own  expectations, energized and living in your true nature. Suddenly, life can be effortless, magical,  and extraordinary for you! Synchronicities appear more often, and life is joyful beyond words.  We all deserve this! There is so much more, and we are all loved, connected, and supported by  something bigger as we communicate with spirit, God, our higher self, guides, angels,  ancestors, and more. We are never alone.  

I love clients who are open and ready to change! I have been healing and mentoring a variety of  people of all ages from all walks of life with integrity and love since 2016. I invite and allow the  energy field to use me for your optimal success.  

I am experienced and trained in ALchemE, Shamanism, Breathwork, Journalism, and business. 

“I am Megan. I’ve had anxiety my entire life. Mix that with several narcissistic relationships and  less than stellar life choices and you have an insecure mess. In an AlchemE session with Randi  Maggid, I experienced a huge shift. She helped me find my voice! I was so afraid to speak or  take up space in a room. Flash forward to our next session a month later— my anxiety is gone, I no longer care about other people’s opinions, I take up space in a room because I deserve to be  there, and I have something to contribute. I am a single, independent, successful mother. The  difference now is that I feel it in my soul. Randi is a true healer who cares about people. I  believe God (spirit) uses her as a conduit. Spirit works through her to help release people of  their traumas so they can fulfill their calling. I highly recommend Randi, and this AlchemE  experience to anyone struggling to find themselves or their place in the world.

-Megan K, Palos Verdes, CA

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