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AlchemE Mentor®

AlchemE Mentor® sessions are for Seekers who want more. Seekers who are looking for a spiritual adventure and want to connect to the energies of creation and know what it is to be extraordinary in the most significant areas of their lives. You’ll discover, enhance and consciously choose more effective energetic ways for experiencing, giving meaning, and manifesting in life.  


Our one-on-one sessions will guide you in the conscious use of your focused attention and energetic recipes that can impact various areas of your life, your influence upon others, your force of attraction and manifestation, in very real, constructive, and often seemingly “magical” ways that increase your access to Creation’s Codes®. 


Since every emotion, thought, memory, hope, concept and physical experience of reality and the world exists with a characteristic amount of energy, the sessions and mentoring relationship are based upon unique approaches. You’ll be exploring the amount and type of energy that supports your experience and level of resourcefulness and how to transform this energetic in real and immediate ways and outcomes. By being able to consciously align to your natural and most optimized energetic coherent way of being, you can become more of the change you wish for the world and yourself. 


Please note that if you have had or experience any physical, emotional, mental, psychological, or spiritual symptoms or conditions for which you are seeking relief or remedy, you will need to seek the help of such doctors, therapists, or other professionals whose services are the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and conditions. 

“I am Megan. I’ve had anxiety my entire life. Mix that with several narcissistic relationships and  less than stellar life choices and you have an insecure mess. In an AlchemE session with Randi  Maggid, I experienced a huge shift. She helped me find my voice! I was so afraid to speak or  take up space in a room. Flash forward to our next session a month later— my anxiety is gone, I no longer care about other people’s opinions, I take up space in a room because I deserve to be  there, and I have something to contribute. I am a single, independent, successful mother. The  difference now is that I feel it in my soul. Randi is a true healer who cares about people. I  believe God (spirit) uses her as a conduit. Spirit works through her to help release people of  their traumas so they can fulfill their calling. I highly recommend Randi, and this AlchemE  experience to anyone struggling to find themselves or their place in the world."

-Megan K, Palos Verdes, CA

"Randi is a healer and has healed me in so many ways and on so many occasions. She has this uncanny ability to see past the B.S. facade and protective masks of shame we wear. She gets to the heart and the hearts of the matter. Her insight is supernatural and intuition downright extraterrestrial. Through her AlchemE mentoring work, and like an expert cartographer of energy, she helped me map out where the sources of pain from my past were standing in way of any possibilities of future joys. Randi showed me ways to separate the two and in one session, and with intense shifting, she changed my life forever. I had no idea that anger was triggering so many other emotions - Now I feel such a greater connection to love. Just like that, everything opened for me."

International Yoga Instructor, Woodland Hills, CA

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