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Schedule a free 15-minute Consultation Call 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call to talk to Randi about her breath work sessions.
Randi Maggid Consultation Call
15 min

“Randi is the bomb! She brings a profound awareness and care to her healings. Randi is uniquely skilled and able to perceive several spiritual causes (often entities) of what is holding you back. She takes the time to listen and then deals with whatever is causing your blocks in a get down to business, matter-of-fact no nonsense kind of way.  Thank you, Randi!”   M. S., Santa Monica, CA


I offer private healing sessions in a relaxed and comfortable setting, either laying down, seated or standing and sessions are custom designed to address the specific needs of each person. These spiritual healing techniques revolve around the major chakras (energy centers) and fill the body with spiritual energy, helping to relieve physical and emotional issues while attracting positive influences. I’m also able to cut out and remove entities and attachments (negative thought forms), allowing a person to move forward more easily in life and work.


Book a session with Randi.

Book a 2 hour session with Randi for a combined healing service of Shamanic healing & breathwork.
Shamanic Awakening
2 hr
Every case is different and could take anywhere from 2-5 hours.
Cutting Relationship Chords
2 hr
Let's get rid of the negative energy that blocks you. Entities can be picked up in many ways including but not limited to coming in through the ancestral lineage, fear f...
Entity Removal
2 hr
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