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Client Love

“Thank u so much for yesterday. I still feel so much better and for the first time in over a year I woke up peacefully. I experience something called “morning terrors” where I wake up panicked & feel terrified. It takes me 30mins of meditation usually to get out of that state each am. But today it was only a thought as I only noticed it’s absence and had no physical reactions at all. Thank you for helping me love myself! It’s the greatest gift ever. ❤️”

Jamie F. Huntington Beach 

Good Morning Randi!  Just wanted to thank you again for everything. I feel like I'm in a different body, I have no pain in my neck!!!  And I can't stop smiling! I feel lighter & full of love. 

Thank you again, you are remarkable!

The new Kim 💞

Kim Lanzillotta, Marina Del Rey

Given her natural warmth, intuitive nature and breadth of insight, Randi has helped me access areas of great depth with astounding success. She fosters a unique ability that I've seldom encountered in that by the end of Randi's sessions, I reach a place of tranquility regardless of my initial state, every time without fail. In some instances, there have been direct and physical connections with loved ones who have passed always accompanied by great insights.

Annalouise T., Austin, TX

"I was guided to Randi at a critical moment in my life. Through four sessions she was able to use her vast array of shamanic healing tools to remove a lot of dark subtle energy from my being. This resulted in me feeling lighter and I had a much easier time letting go of bad habits. Each session contained some interviewing, dark energy removal, and breathwork. Randi is sharp, warm, and easy to work with and has a strong connection to the field enabling her to know things about me without me telling her. I feel eternally grateful that my path crossed with Randi’s."

Jonathan Mozenter, Denver Colorado

We contracted Randi's services for a business cleansing after my partner and I would hear noises, the air was heavy and just didn't feel right. She was fast to respond to my inquiry, I noticed that she was thorough and as she was going from room to room, I felt the heaviness lift little by little. I was surprised at how much lighter the air felt after she was done, I could breathe again! 

Cristina J., Solar Lotus, Downy, CA

Randi is the bomb! She brings a profound awareness and care to her healings. Randi is uniquely skilled and able to perceive several spiritual causes (often entities) of what is holding you back. She takes the time to listen and then deals with whatever is causing your blocks in a get down to business, matter-of-fact no nonsense kind of way.  Thank you, Randi!

M. S., Santa Monica, CA

Did I tell you that my blood pressure dropped from 140 to 110/120 since I started Breathwork with you?

Brad G. Palos Verdes 

"I have been fortunate enough to have healed some deep wounds and lifelong trauma through breathwork with Randi. I had a falling out with one of my daughters, which resulted in years of silence. During a particularly powerful breathwork session, I realized how much I missed having her in my life. And with Rand's guidance as an AlchemE mentor, I, began shifting the energy of our relationship. I'm happy to say that now (2 years later) I have a newly established relationship with my daughter, and had the privilege of watching her get married yesterday. I'm so very grateful."

Joanne W. Ventura, CA

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