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Beverly Hills Concentration Camp

“The child of a holocaust survivor, the heroine learns to survive her own holocaust in this amazingly honest, revelation, in an unmistakable era, the post-war generation. You will be educated, moved, and inspired by her courage, optimism, and despite the odds, her ultimate triumph.” —Hyla Cass MD, psychiatrist and author of 8 weeks to Vibrant Health


“Guided by intuition and a psychic gift, Alix unblocks a torturous past as a young Jewish girl in Beverly Hills, taking us from dysfunction to recovery as we learn the devastating affects of the Holocaust not only on the survivors, but on their children." —Drew Vaupen, Writer/Producer, Co-Creator Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie


“Every moment of Beverly Hills Concentration Camp, I had my heart in my mouth. Alix is a sheltered child trying to make sense of a dystopian world surrounded by what appears to be abundance. In this story of hope and liberation, her journey will help any person suffering deep trauma to know that healing is possible.” —Steven L Silver, Senior Rabbi, Temple Menorah, Redondo Beach CA


Alix is a seemingly-ordinary mom who, through a series of flashbacks, takes the reader along on her healing journey -- from the depths of severe physical pain and anguish to the heights of awakened spirituality and health.


The daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors, Alix grew up in a beautiful Spanish house in Beverly Hills with the weight of the concentration camps pressing down on her at every turn, keeping her imprisoned by fear, negativity and neglect when all she wanted was to be a normal kid. As an adult, she'd moved on, had a successful career, married and began a family. Then a freak occurrence left her unable to move. In her quest to heal, Alix finds she's the “One," the person destined to heal her ancestors as she discovers the forgotten details of her own childhood and uncovers secrets that will change her life and give her a new reason to be.


Alix’s story encourages people to heal themselves on levels deeper than they ever thought possible, tapping into an inner voice through creativity and faith, and activating the power to change their situation.


“Beverly Hills Concentration camp addresses the uncomfortable reality that Trans generational patterns can continue until an individual says, "Never again. It stops here now with me!" Being with-it-ness and the desire for more energy and greater meaning liberates us and by association those around us. Randi Maggid is real and raw in her narrative revealing that  "Never Again" truly can set the stage for an empowered future.” —Dr. Donny Epstein, Developer of Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration and other Epstein Technologies

“A riveting read, hats off to Randi Maggid for such bravery in being so vulnerable in this process.   Randi is a gifted storyteller—she has made it to the other side and in turn will inspire others. As she took me through her journey, I experienced my own personal healing.  Thank you for that!” —Nadine Dekema, Executive Director, Kula Foundation

‘This is an inspiring—and educational story of the courage to love and heal, to break the chains of ancestral wounds, and to liberate the present and coming generations with peace, love, and understanding. Randi Maggid proves the liberating power of Breathwork Healing. I was riveted, encouraged, and inspired.” —Talat Halman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Religion, Central Michigan University, author of Where The Two Seas Meet

“Beverly Hills Concentration Camp is a fascinating read! You will be taken on an entertaining healing journey that might bring reflection and great insight to your own life. Enjoy the ride!" —David Elliot, Healer, Writer

“Beverly Hills Concentration Camp is beautifully written with honesty and surprising humor depicting a painful and yet hopeful reality. Inspiration and advice on how to heal and transform your self into the amazing person you were meant to be is brilliantly woven through out the book through profoundly relatable stories and dialogue." —Felice Zoota-Lucero, Lead Business Analyst at MedAssets, Inc., (A Mom and a Poet)

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