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Home and Office Clearings and Blessings

For Your Home

Clearing your living space with the immense power of "spiritual light” is essential so that negative energies stuck in the walls vibrate out of existence. If you have experienced a period of sadness or negativity, a House Clearing can clean this energy and help you to move forward in your life. Some homes may have negative energies that can sometimes linger, acting as “spiritual parasites” and draining the energy of current residents —often even altering their behavior. I’ll help clean this up and place a screen of protection around the home so you and your family can live peacefully and happily.

For Your Office

An office blessing or clearing can clean out the old energies remaining from the previous owners or tenants. I’ll then fill the space with new positive energy and offer a complimentary healing session to align you with this new energy. 

"The house and the cat are better! I didn’t know what to expect but had to try something positive. I missed my mom, the cat’s behavior was becoming intolerable and there was all the negative energy, “gunk” stuck in some areas of the house. There is a better atmosphere now and if negative memories come to mind they quickly dissipate. The cat and I have become good friends; I never knew she loved lavender so much and when I go through the rooms there’s a feeling of calmness and serenity.” --Angela Aylward, Fine Artist/Art Facilitator, Hawthorne, CA

"We contracted Randi's services for a business cleansing after my partner and I would hear noises, the air was heavy and just didn't feel right. She was fast to respond to my inquiry,   I noticed that she was thorough and as she was going from room to room, I felt the heaviness lift little by little. I was surprised at how much lighter the air felt after she was done, I could breathe again!"   --Cristina J., Solar Lotus, Downy, CA

"We contacted Randi after our home was broken into. I wanted to make sure our home was cleansed of all negative energies that these strangers brought into our home. I knew I  wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t. Randi spent a few hours, moving room to room using her gifts to feel where cleansing needed to take place. She knew exactly where the intruders went in our home. The ceremony was wonderful and gave us peace of mind when coming back into our home. My three-year-old daughter also got involved and followed Randi from room to room. We felt so much better afterward. Highly recommended if you feel there is an energy shift in your home."  --Brittany S., Redondo Beach, CA

"That feeling when you can't sleep at night, like something bad is there. Well it’s gone! Rooms that you would never want to go into now feel like home. You get a ton more safe spaces without that dreadful feeling something is there. You finally feel safe!  It’s a happy loneliness. There are rooms I didn't want to go into before, and now they are calm safe spaces that feel good." --Harlow R., Anaheim Hills, CA

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