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Schedule a free 15-minute Consultation Call 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation call to talk to Randi about her breath work sessions.
Randi Maggid Consultation Call
15 min

"Given her natural warmth, intuitive nature and breadth of insight, Randi has helped me access areas of great depth with astounding success. She fosters a unique ability that I've seldom encountered in that by the end of Randi's sessions, I reach a place of tranquility regardless of my initial state, every time without fail. In some instances, there have been direct and physical connections with loved ones who have passed always accompanied by great insights

-Annalouise T., Austin, TX


An unexpected pleasure, Breathwork can change your life! Based on a two-stage ancient breathing meditation, you’ll learn to heal yourself as you experience a deeply relaxing and revitalizing renewal of mind, body and soul. Energy moves through the body creating newfound joy, creativity and enthusiasm. Releasing stored traumas, negative thoughts, everyday stress, anxiety, pain and unwanted patterns opens the space for creative solutions and infinite blessings to enter in.


I offer group classes and private sessions in Pranayama Yoga breathing, a two-stage technique that helps move energy in the body and invite ease, while releasing fears and blocks. This conscious breathing brings about a meditative state of calm, relaxation and joy, while illuminating truth and awakening spirituality. Healing through breath can be an astonishing experience and also provide great healing breakthroughs.


     I believe Breathwork should be a daily practice, something you can do at home, in groups and in private sessions. The experience is always beneficial and never the same twice. I can help you move to the next place in your life, help support you in your creative endeavors and be part of your community—a resource when you need it.


Book a session with Randi.

One hour breathwork session with Randi Maggid.
Breathwork Healing Session
1 h
Book a 2 hour session with Randi for a combined healing service of Shamanic healing & breathwork.
Shamanic Awakening
2 h
If you live outside of the area, Randi will schedule healing sessions via Skype at a reduced rate. For more information please email
Shamanic and Breathwork Skype Session
1 h
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