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AlchemE Mentor®
Vibrational Shaman 
Breathwork Healer 

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"It’s so crazy! A week ago I wasn’t sure I’d have enough money to make rent & now I’ll make it and then some. I can’t tell you how great it feels to finally make a living doing what I love! Now I have the freedom to dream even bigger. I attribute this to my work with Randi. She helped me turn my business around and become more client focused and it’s paying off. I can’t wait to continue with her and see what other much needed and wanted changes happen in my life. Thank you!" -- Erica T., Redondo Beach, CA

An AlchemE Mentor, Vibrational Shaman, Breathwork Healer,
and Author

I'm Randi Maggid, an AlchemE Mentor, Shaman, Breathwork Healer, and author who loves to guide people to experience the next best place in their lives. As people discover who they really are, their lives open up in a whole new way and they become more creative, fulfilled and eager about their chosen path.


When we're in love with our lives again, there's greater harmony and joy in ourselves, our families and our relationships, and this spreads out to the world! That's the thread you’ll find through all my work —  I strive to live each moment with an open heart.


“Thank u so much for yesterday. I still feel so much better and for the first time in over a year I woke up peacefully. I experience something called “morning terrors” where I wake up panicked & feel terrified. It takes me 30mins of meditation usually to get out of that state each am. But today it was only a thought as I only noticed it’s absence and had no physical reactions at all. Thank you for helping me love myself! It’s the greatest gift ever. ❤️”

Jamie F. Huntington Beach 

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