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Experience teaches……

Updated: Mar 8

And when we are aligned, magical experiences happen.

It's the synchronicity of life.

Ethan enjoyed our sessions together, yet he was not truly convinced the magic is real— until one day when he was on his way to see me for a session, he pulled into his usual gas station and found it closed, taped off with the yellow and black ribbon. This meant he had to drive to the next town for the “well-priced” gas. As he was pumping, a cute gray kitten appeared and strutted by him before jumping up into the undercarriage of his SUV. Startled, Ethan laid down on his back, slid underneath the vehicle, and did his best to lure the kitten out. The kitten wouldn’t budge.

Ethan then purchased a can of tuna at the mini mart hoping the scent would rouse the kitten, but still no luck. Eventually the gas station attendant called Animal Control, but no one came. An hour had passed, and Ethan didn’t hear the kitten anymore and thought it had moved on. So, Ethan drove out of the gas station and continued, on his way, praying the kitten was safe. When I heard Ethan pull up to the curb, I came out to greet him, when we both heard –"meow.” The kitten had made the hour-long drive on the freeway somewhere in the undercarriage near the engine! “What do we do?” Ethan asked. Just then, I remembered that Karl, who lives directly across the street, was a cat whisperer, so I texted him. “I have an emergency only you can help me with!”

Within minutes, Karl came out with a can of cat food placing it on the car tire. “This will get the cat interested,” he said with confidence. Then he went home and returned with a cat trap that looked like a steel wire cage. He put another can of food at the far end of the trap. “When the kitten comes to eat, he'll step on the lever and the trap door will close,” he explained. Ten minutes later, the kitten jumped down to the street and walked right into the trap, the door slamming shut! We watched as the kitten ran around wildly in circles for many minutes. 

“What do we do with the kitten?” Karl asked.” I thought for second and then texted my friend Eva. “Are you interested in a kitten?” I asked. “How did you know?”

Eva came to see the kitten and fell instantly in love with it, holding her close to her heart "This kitten really needs you," I said. Eva got teary-eyed and responded, “I really need this kitten.”

“How did this ever happen?” asked Ethan. “That the kitten arrives at your place after an hour-long trip on the freeway and survives. Then you have a cat whisperer living directly across the street and you know the perfect person to adopt her."

“It’s you,” he said. “It must be you!

“No,” I answered,” YOU brought her here!”

“What if all of this happened because that kitten wanted a good home, Eva wanted a sweet kitten, and you needed proof that there are invisible forces that makes things happen? What if all of us were so aligned and open that we allowed universal spirit to weave it all together for us? What if the universe wanted you to have the experience that The Magic is Real?

(Nova, the kitten who hitched a ride from Cerritos to Redondo Beach, now lives in a luxurious condo in Playa Vista, California.)


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