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Be yourself in 2020 and beyond

Updated: Jan 6, 2020


Before I published my book and started my healing business, a close friend pushed me. “You’re ready to get out there and lead,” she said. “I want you to take over my Breathwork class.”

Fear came over me.

Yet, I showed up for myself and everyone else.

I loved it.

After teaching a few classes, a well-wishing student said, “You’re great, but you need a schtick. You “should” wear white and look like an angel or dress in bright red and wear wreath of daisies on your head. “Hmm,” I thought. “Am I supposed to create a character, a get-up that makes me look like a healing practitioner?”

The thought of creating something that was supposed to be “me” but that wasn’t me seemed ridiculous.

One of my greatest teachers in the past 12 years wears shorts and a t-shirt. It’s about the work, not about the trend.

Since then other colleagues have tried to get me to wear a kimono, call my work something different and hand me a set of drums. It was their image, not mine. I am a hippy at heart. I like to be comfortable. I love tie-die dresses, silk wraps and I am not afraid to wear black.

I love to wear Crystal Jewelry and other ornaments that my friends make by hand. I am me. If we develop ourselves and see where it goes, we might be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to be REAL.

Our Realness is our look. It maybe that a smile that brings in the customers or a unique way of looking at life, or perhaps that inner wisdom that comes through.

And when I say BE YOURSELF, I say stop beating yourself up. Don’t be ashamed about your past.

Instead, embrace what it is that you have learned and how you would use it to help others?

Did you ever think you went through all that for a reason bigger than yourself?

I am proud of what I have written in my book about my past, because it’s an example of how we can get through anything.

In 2020, make friends with your past and use that energy to propel yourself forward changing your perspective. Follow the good-feeling dots that show up in your life and connect them. As you do this, you will get closer to your soul.

I am grateful that I am living my soul’s purpose. I feel it . I know it. When I look back, there were always threads pulling me toward something greater.

From time to time, some beautiful person will show up at my door and complain, “I am trying to find my soul’s purpose.” To answer that I say, stop trying so hard to look for something you already have.

Don’t waste your energy looking outside yourself. Feel into yourself, take it easy and have fun. Notice the miracles around you and appreciate them.

Be a good person. Enjoy your life!

And if your soul wants you dress in a certain way, more power to you if that’s YOU.

It’s so hard not to judge how people look or what they wear.

In 2020, I say to LOOK DEEPER.

Look deeper into people’s eyes and see who they really are, that we are all energetically connected even though we are different because we affect each other.

If we uplift and help one person, we have changed their trajectory.

If I help a person find a trauma, relive and release it, I have helped that person change not only his or her life, but the lives of everyone around them on every plane of existence.

What could be better than that?

Enjoy and respect who you are. No one else can BE YOU so do what you love, wear what you like, be who you need to be in this life.

Create something new and wonderful that makes a difference that is YOU.

A special note about my friend and great artist Cher Lyn of Mystic Art medicine. She was so wonderful. I feel like she’s still here shining her light from a higher dimension. About six months before she died, Cher Lynn called me and said “It’s a magical time, it’s the new moon and an eclipse. I want to paint your next book cover.” Even though I hadn’t written the book yet, I gave her an idea of what I wanted. Before she died, she sent me the final painting decorated with Cicada wings which she said meant that MAGIC was present. She was so uniquely talented and will be truly missed.


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