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A Recipe For Change - How To easily upgrade Your Energy As You Experience Change

What’s your recipe for change?

I woke up this morning at 3 am feeling peculiar.

Have you ever woken up in an uncomfortable way?

As though energies that were not your own, were stuck onto you?

Suddenly, these energies take center stage by keeping you down and instilling fear?

Fear is a funny thing because many would like to run away from it, yet it is showing you what you need to work on.

You can choose to either stay where you are with fear or move through it.

And before you can even attempt that move, you need to accept it.

You need to accept where you are.

I let myself experience the emotions as they presented themselves such as disappointment, sadness, unworthiness etc. accepting them fully without trying to change the situation.

And that’s when the most magical thing happened.

By 5 am, I was empowered to change my state. I thought, “what will be my recipe this morning that will move me toward where I want to be?” I wanted to be over it! I wanted to be on the other side of it where I could feel myself again.

I decided to do a Breathwork session while I was still cozy in bed. I put on my headphones so as not to wake anyone. The Breathwork felt so amazing that I did a second session. Before I knew it, I had blown past any fear without noticing how.

I just focused on my breath going through my body. It had been a long time since I had focused on myself.

Lately, I have been leading others through this work which isn’t really “work” because it’s so easy and always full of surprises!

The universe was giving me a well-needed kick in the pants! AND I listened. I too was part of humanity and in need of taking care of myself.

I want to remind my friends, healers, practitioners, parents, managers, leaders and caregivers etc. who happily think often of others first, to please remember to take care of yourself too. That’s the win-win that we sometimes forget.

Accepting was the first ingredient in my recipe.

Breathwork was just the second.

Writing in my journal was the third.

Walking Jake the dog was fourth

and the list goes on and on to include many different healing modalities, breathing exercises, chants, shamanic practices, Yoga and Pilates, preparing a green drink and more all before work. Every day is a little different.

I advise adding light and joy into your recipe. There are no rules for your recipe. You have free will. You have the freedom to choose what you enjoy— (not what others think you should enjoy.)

Stay safe! Lots of Love, Randi


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