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How do we get “there”?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

It can be frustrating, annoying, disappointing, and even depressing, when we’ve tried hard and it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere—or so we think.

Even if we don’t see the results right away, the fact that we have been thinking, feeling, trying, and doing is the key. Imagining what we want without expectation of when or how it will arrive while always holding the ultimate goal, atmosphere, and positive intention in the back of our minds, we are sending a signal to the universe. We are being heard, recognized, and understood. In return, the universe lines things up for us giving us what we need at the right time—many times in an unsuspecting way and when we least expect it.

I remember when I wrote a script for video's that my husband filmed for me about my book.  I thought it was all going to be great, mind-blowing in fact. Instead, it turned out that I had a bad allergic reaction that day and felt horrible as my sniffle was turning into a sinus infection. We were filming outdoors in spring, when the pollen count was super high. My eyes were red,  my nose was running, and it was also a hot day, so I was profusely sweating. Things just didn’t turn out the way I had visualized, so I never put the video out, despite the amount of work which went into the videos creation. Yet, in spite of having kept that work of art hidden, opportunities started opening up for me, such as certain interviews that seemed like they were too big for me, almost as though they were meant for someone else. I remember not taking credit for it as though I had nothing to do with it. “It’s weird,” I said out loud.  Then someone said something to the effect of “it’s not weird. You’ve been putting it out there for a long time. You deserve it. Take some credit for what you have done. Stop belittling yourself! 

He was right. How many times had I cracked jokes about myself when I did something right? I sold myself short for a long time, laughing at myself, negating myself and my accomplishments whilst sending that blank message to the universe — until I didn’t any more. 

That’s when a huge shift in my life occurred! I was working more and getting more incredible opportunities.

If I can offer any advice, watch what comments and jokes you make about yourself, to yourself and out loud to others.  The universe is always listening. 

Work on yourself and get ready for your desires to show up, whether it be a lover, relationship, business opportunity, new skills, a new home, or anything for that matter. Raise your energy and it will come.  If you build it, they will come… remember when a voice came to Kevin Costner to prepare in the movie Field of Dreams? He did, and magic happened! He wasn’t sure when or how… but he knew. Act as though it's already happening because you KNOW. Then you’ll be ready.

I was creating, still showing the universe what I wanted, adding more energy all the time. People showed up to help me, collaborate with me, and teach me. Most of the time, it was easy and fun. I had built up so much energy in the trying, hoping and dreaming while holding a strong intention of always helping people heal that I was finally understanding that Law of Attraction really is a thing and applies to everything.

When we don’t get what we think we deserve at the time we think we deserve it, we can feel depressed. Our energy becomes low and it seems like there is no hope. All of that can be turned around by looking at things differently, honing a good attitude that attracts more of what you want, and raising your energy by building a great spiritual practice that you love. 

What I have learned is that while you are never alone, you are always enough, and you can still always strive to be more.

If you are finding yourself down in the dumps, not getting what you want, we are here to help,



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