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What do you see in your reflection?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Do you look in the mirror and know you are perfectly imperfect the way you are? Or do you look at yourself in disgust and self-criticism trying to reach a vision of how society thinks you should look, be or act?  Has social conditioning made you feel less-than enough? Have life’s traumas made you feel not good enough, resulting in you playing small? Are you wanting the reflection of yourself to be what others consider important, even though it doesn’t suit you? Wouldn’t it be nice to get out of that controlled mindset?

I know how it feels.  I’ve been there…. It’s rough.

Next time you look in the mirror, how about letting yourself see who you are at the soul level. We are all created from something magnificent and no one has the right to take away that divine gift.  We don’t need to let anyone change who we are. Instead, go deeper, listen to your heart, and feel into who you really are. Embrace the beauty in yourself. We all have the opportunity to feel great about ourselves. There is a light shining in our differences. That light is self-love. #selflove

Why does everyone make such a big deal about self-love? Well, because it has the chance to change your life. From personal experience, when I started listing reasons that I love myself, (and believe me that wasn’t easy at first) that’s when I shifted my energy. When I focused on all the good things about myself and in my life, I naturally began to attract more of the things, teachers, and the new experiences I wanted. For example, I was asked to speak on a short radio show for a health fair last month and as I was driving up to the station, I thought to myself, “It must be really fun to be a talk show host.” When I walked in and said hello, the owner of the station said, “ I know you are too busy to do a radio show every week so what about once a month on Tuesdays?” I couldn’t believe my ears. It was as though she, or the universe heard my thoughts!

My thoughts became things. My dreams were coming true. Embrace who you are. Be that expression of your own soul.

Some easy ways to self-love are:

1.Make a quick list of why you love yourself everyday as part of your daily journal (get a journal & pen you like!)

2.Notice if you are having a good thought or a bad thought. (tell the “inner critic” to take a hike!)

3. Change any negative thoughts (like blaming others) to reasonable positive thoughts.

4. Close your eyes and appreciate the beauty and intelligence of each part of your body from head to toe.

(ex. Thank you, feet for supporting me, thank you knees for helping me bend.)

5. Thank each organ for helping you live in this life. (Ex. Thank you, eyes for helping me see, thank you lungs

for helping me breathe.)

6. Appreciate all the wonderful things you DO have in your life. (ex. I appreciate my family, I appreciate my income,

I appreciate my health ….)

7. Hold others in their best light (that sweetness will come back to you!)

8. Listen to your gut

9. Trust yourself

10. Appreciate your own magic

As you love yourself more, your confidence will increase. You will respect your own opinion more than your neighbor’s opinion! The opportunities that come your way will be easy and enjoyable because they were meant for you. You won’t have to work so hard at being what someone else wants you to be. The struggle will be over.  You will be you! Self-love is to truly be ourselves and trust ourselves and in that we are complete. It can be easy.

If you are stuck, not feeling good about yourself, and want guidance on how to get through it and into a better-feeling energy state, I would love to help you turn it around in person or by skype. Please feel free to reach out any time.


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