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Healing takes time....

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

True spiritual healing— the kind that goes deep, can be painful, and thought provoking all at

the same time. I’ve been through it myself, and witnessed many clients do the same— until that one glorious day when the pain just “isn’t” anymore. All the work, depth, concentration, breathing, showing-up and courage finally start paying off as their dreams manifest before their very eyes. Dream it and it will come true. Breathe into it and it will heal. Healing takes work, courage and a little time. And it can be fun; a rollercoaster of emotion that will make you smile as you land smoothly.

I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday, when a client texted me with an update on his life. Anton, a wonderful Italian man in his early 60’s, never been married, wanted more than anything to be in a loving relationship. He had a lot to offer in terms of good looks, wit, humor, and health, after all , he is an expert on the microbiome. What had been holding him back all these years, are traumas from childhood in which some negative energies got into him, played with his mind, and stayed. These energies grew in strength as he grew in years. It’s always true for me that when I am ready, the teacher appears. This time, I was the teacher. Anton was ready and determined to move forward, trusting me enough to take some risks, going deeper than he ever had before. He put himself out there, opened up his heart, tried Shamanic healing, and expressed himself in breathwork groups and workshops, and throughout the process discovered maybe for the first time who he really is. There were times it seemed hopeless and the frustration felt never-ending, until his urge and energy prompted him to say enough is enough, I’m ready! It was all he needed, to let go of that thing holding back the release of that energy from his body. Now, a year later, he’s met the woman of his dreams, not online, but in a natural, random, and romantic way. He is in love and sees a bright new future in front of him. When he thought it was too late, he discovered it was only the beginning, as he never imagined he’d ever be making wedding plans. I was thrilled. I could feel his spark of light energizing those around him and changing the trajectory.

There is no instant happy pill. It is our thoughts that make us happy because we are our thoughts. Some people get to the root of the problem and release it in a session, while others take more time. We all have a different story to tell and the journey through it is worth every step. When you are ready to take that leap of faith in yourself, I will be here waiting for you, ready to listen, and helping you heal yourself. Together we can create a better future making the world a better place healing one person at a time.


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