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Meditations of the Heart – New Year New Possibilities

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Last year’s momentum is catapulting me into this New Year, this Rosh Ha Shana. I’ve been working hard to build a healing business highlighting my book, Breathwork and Shamanism which I’m happy to say is growing. With this endeavor comes growing pains and places I get stuck.

I get Blocks.

Whether it be a writer’s block, a money block, a success block or a toxic mercury overload, it shows up and slaps me in the face. It slows down my mojo, makes me tired and leaves me wondering, why me? Why can’t it just be easy?

Much of what holds me back is still some negative energy that came in through my lineage being the daughter of Holocaust survivors. In order to remedy this, I meditate daily setting an intention and asking my higher power, God, for help. I ask for what I want. Then I give gratitude for what I’ve accomplished so far and appreciation for what I have. The amazing thing is that soon after I ask, opportunities come, and the right teachers show up.


It doesn’t all happen at once. It happens when it’s supposed to. We all have blocks and insecurities holding us back whether they come from our ancestral lineage, negative thought-forms or other people. WE can get through these blocks ESPECIALLY if we have the intention to help others. I discovered that the more I help people the more I get in return. It’s sort of a dance, in which self-less-ness finds its rhythm, always giving a little more than the client expects or donating something because it feels right.

My intention for next year is to create and lead Breathwork and healing circles that connect Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren and anyone who has suffered so we can all release the traumatic parts of what we have inherited or experienced. The parts that hold us back. The parts that make us so sad we can’t function, the parts that hurt so much we are stuck.

My dream possibility for the new year is for all of us get UNSTUCK. It could start with a small group in Los Angeles County and end up with a large international virtual circle where we all can be connected for an hour once a month on our computer screens in the comfort of our own homes where we can express ourselves, breathe together and heal spreading love and joy while changing the dynamic for future generations. I am putting this idea out there witnessed by all of you in hopes your connection, positive thought, and love will help me manifest this idea.

Shana Tova


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