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Meditations of the Heart - Teenage Wellness

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

As I was making calls to see if anyone wanted to participate in a discussion on the topic of teenage wellness this Yom Kippur at my synagogue, there was immediate resistance. “I’m too busy, it’s not a good hour, I don’t want to speak about that or just plain No”.

No one was excited.

Some teens and their parents were too stressed out about being stressed to write anything. So, we had to try even harder and go a little deeper to get sign ups.

We who are a bit older cannot even fathom the pressure that our kids are under today. We need to help create balance for them.

But how?

Then it dawned on me being a shaman and pranayama yoga breathwork facilitator that holding healing breathwork circles geared toward teenagers would be a great idea—if only we could get them to show up.

Teens need someone to talk to other than their parents in a safe environment where they can meditate, relax, destress and be themselves as they let go of anger and anxiety. They need a place to allow the mind to go neutral so they can connect to source energy and replenish.

My kids who are now 17 and 20 have used breathwork and energy healing over the years as a tool when they got stressed out. It’s a way for them to release the valve of tension and use that energy for something more creative. If you don’t use that energy, it uses you. I can only imagine if they did breathwork daily. The future would look brighter.

Let’s play with the idea that we don’t have to be perfect. Let’s play with the idea that life is about finding our true purpose— our soul’s purpose. That life is not necessarily about how many items we can add to our college applications or resumes. That life is not about being popular, having the coolest car, or the perfect body or the tiniest nose. What if we strived for a simple life where we were connected to nature, spirit, and humanity? Maybe it’s about collaboration not competition, maybe it’s about lending a hand, opening the door for someone, and thinking about others.

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