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No Excuses

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

As I browsed Facebook yesterday, I stumbled upon the live feed of another mom. She was getting ready for a big meeting about an important project that was “made for her.” She had manifested it — called it in. And then she looks into the camera and says, “Keep doing what you’re doing because you’ll never know when someone is listening!” I loved that. It was something I would say, that I would repeat, and that I've experienced. It’s something I know to be true. When you’re true to yourself and you go toward those things that feel good to you, YOU are honoring who you really are. And that’s when your higher power listens. Alternatively, when you let other people come forth and influence you in a way that doesn’t feel right, don’t let them. Stick to your guns. Absorb what feels good. Take in those topics you need to learn and file the rest. Because the rest may have been meant for someone else. Everyone seems to have the best of intentions, but only you know what’s right for you.

Maybe you've been working on a project — a book, an art piece or a musical composition — for years, but you’ve never finished it. You always have an excuse. You didn’t finish it because of that darn writer’s block, your muse is out of town, you don't have the time, or it's this person's fault, blaming it on that person or a family member. Instead of incessantly complaining, make a change, take a break, and do something different. Create the time you need finish the project. You’ll be glad you did. IF YOU DON’T TAKE A RISK YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!

What are you really doing by complaining and procrastinating? You're asking for more of the same. You're making excuses. Ask yourself, “Why am I making excuses?” Maybe it’s because you're scared to take that risk; sacred to show yourself to the world. Or maybe you are just being lazy. Well, I’m here to say, you have nothing to lose but the rest of your life by doing something you love NOW. So, isn’t it worth it to give it a shot and change the trajectory?

What's the fine line between holding onto your excuse and moving forward with what you know is your truth? Can you locate that subtle place inside yourself? Do you want to heal it? Sometimes we hold onto these excuses because we've made them part of our identity. We don’t know what we'd be without them. They become dark energies. When we blame others, we may believe their love and connection to us is negative, that this emotional thing is really not love. "If you look at it deeply, you may learn the lesson." I heard this phrase for years until I latched onto it and got the gift. Sometimes we are only able to learn what love is by experiencing what love is not. And so, you have the opportunity to find love as you bounce away from what was. Do you want to stay in the status quo and keep giving yourself excuses not to move ahead? Do you want that special relationship with that amazing someone or have you always had an excuse as to why nothing ever works out as you search for things that are wrong — that person isn’t good enough because of their weight (too skinny or too chubby), I’m not sure about that freckle, his friends are antisocial, he or he is not the right height, not the right skin tone, not the right kind of dresser, or he is Keto and I am Vegan. You want someone so perfect that quite possibly such a person doesn’t even exist.

Instead, maybe it’s time to experience the “feeling” you want from another person. So, think to yourself, “How would I like to feel if I had that special someone?" Do this often while you are mediating and appreciating during the day while adding in colors, scents, pictures and laughter to the image. In time, you will have broken through this stuck place because you've changed your story, the plot line now creating a life you want as you design your destiny.


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